1. Creating a great foundation for marriage while engaged
  2. Making your marriage last

We give couples 40-50+ year lasting marriages

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because everyone deserves long lasting love

Being in love is awesome, and so is getting married. We want it to last forever, right?
As soon as we are married though, all of us are in a fight - not with each other! With the dastardly divorce demon!

Although he takes out 1/2 of all marriages, you can pip him
at the post before you get married.
Pre-marriage education has been statistically proven
to reduce the divorce demon's success rate
better than anything else (to as low as 2%*).

We provide pre-marriage courses that take you from a couple uncertain how it's going to go, to a competent team, authentically in love, great friends and ready to face ANY challenge.

Our courses result in respected, romantic husbands who are treated like heroes,
and esteemed, adored wives who are treated like princesses.

​And our graduates' (future) children will have whole families.

We're so confident in our programme's potential to give you a lasting marriage, we offer a 100% money back guarantee. In the very unlikely event that after doing one of our courses, your marriage didn't work out, you can ask for your money back at any point.

How not to get divorced

We make couples education easy and fun

Religion-neutral pre-marital workshops

One-day Class

Online Course

DIY Book

Participate in a group

Attend in your own time

Prepare at Home

Our religion-neutral pre-marital workshops remove the big surprises - like how pre-natal classes help us when first becoming parents.

In our non-intrusive teaching environment you can have private conversation, but have access to a support group of like-minded people in similar stages of life.

Can't make it to one of our courses in person?

Download our online course, and have us coach you in the comfort of your own home, in your own time! You can also opt to get a Marriage Strength Areas customised report, letting you know your specific focus areas for the course.

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The Ball & Chain and Other Stupid Myths is a down to earth ‘how to’ guide for brides and grooms who want a marriage of health, wealth and great intimacy. This DIY marriage preparation course will set you up for a marriage designed to be strong and satisfying.

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What Others Had to Say​​

Brendan & Laura - video testimonial
"Amy and Josh are great mentors; they are very welcoming and made us feel so comfortable. We thoroughly enjoyed this course and were surprised with how much we took away from it. It’s a fantastic marital preparation course, and we even learnt new things about each other. 

If you are thinking of doing a pre marriage course, we would 150% recommend this one!"

Jane & Sam
"Of all the preparation that we did we feel going on the marriage course with you for a day was by far the most useful and thought provoking. We got so much out of it and still look at the folder regularly.

It really helped us to form our vows which we surprised each other with during the ceremony. However... you will not be surprised that we both had a line about 'being each other's cheerleader' in the vows!!"
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