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Our Mission
No Myth Marriages was founded by Joshua and Amy McLaren. We have a passion for activating more successful relationships through pre-marriage education. Kind of like having a fence at the top of the cliff. 

We believe a high percentage of divorce cases could be avoided by having done a pre-marriage course. In fact, although the divorce rate sits at around 50% in New Zealand, studies have shown divorce rates among couples who complete a pre-marriage programme to be as low as 2%*.

* based on 2005 research by Robert Oglesby, Center for Youth & Family Ministry, USA
Both Josh and Amy are accredited users of Prepare-Enrich, an international marriage coaching programme developed in the USA, and have created a new teaching course incorporating this and other materials.
Amy authored The Ball & Chain and Other Stupid Myths, a book intended to take engaged couples through pre-marriage preparation at home.
Josh is also a full-time airline pilot, and Amy is a Business Consultant.

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