A DIY at home book for pre-marriage education
Someone who makes us deliriously happy in a loving, exciting, and ongoing intimate relationship – everyone wants one

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The Ball & Chain and Other Stupid Myths is a down to earth ‘how to’ guide for brides and grooms who want a marriage of health, wealth and great intimacy. This DIY pre-marriage course will set you up for a marriage designed to be strong and satisfying.

Want to have a marriage of health, wealth and great intimacy? Bust the myths about marriage that hold you back from this. Believe it or not, there are formulas for a great marriage and there are common ways to make a mess of it. Learn new problem-solving and communication tools that work over and over again for a successful, long-lasting and loving marriage.

You'd do antenatal classes with your first baby right? Likewise, the most effective time to learn and practice a great marriage is before, or soon after, you tie the knot. Go into this with your eyes wide open; follow these five basic steps, and set up your marriage for great things.


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