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"A lot of the key things that could one day have lead to a relationship breakdown can be discovered and resolved before we even get married."

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But we've lived together for ages...

One of the biggest mistakes is to think that nothing will change once we are married, especially for those of us who already lived together beforehand. 

When we are dating, and potentially living together, sure, we talk about some big stuff like maybe having kids one day, but we don't really dig into the key things we need to. Why? Because often we don't want to pre-empt a serious conversation, as if marriage is already a done deal, before someone has even had the chance to pop the question! 

Then once they have, we're basking in our engaged status, we're planning the wedding, we're dealing with family politics. We never get around to the internal meeting of minds, required to start a new team unit, that's designed to last forever.

That's where we can help! Our courses can be completed in one day, and ensure you cover all the necessary topics that could otherwise lead to issues later. For those topics  unable to be forseen, we train you in problem solving skills customised for marriage relationships.
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Yeah well we're not into touchy feely stuff...

If there's a barrier to doing one of these courses, it's often the perception you will talk all day about your feelings and emotions. Total rubbish! Anyway, feelings and emotions are vital, but they get us into trouble too.

We talk about fun stuff like what would you do with unlimited millions of dollars. We focus on problem solving and communication tools. We train how to be objective with each other to get through issues, and how to try and reduce the emotion so we can work on the problem.

We also help you sort the mundane things, family dynamics, and other things which commonly lead to arguments later but which you never thought of before.

We guarantee both of you will find the course well worth your time, and money. Or ask us for your money back, no questions asked!

Schedule & Pricing

In all of our courses, you will learn:
  1. the 5 common areas where marriages fail
  2. how to solve ANY complex, seemingly unsolvable issue in your relationship
  3. how to know when to solve a complex problem and what to do if it's not
  4. the things that are most important to you in the world - and to your spouse
  5. how to talk about things that bother you without upsetting them
  6. easy things to set up during our course that will avoid potential future issues

Each one-day course is an 8-hour class from 9am - 5pm.


  • Entry to the only professional non-religious pre-marriage course in New Zealand
  • Custom designed discussion / discovery exercises
  • Morning and afternoon tea
  • Workbooks and workshop materials
  • Instruction from highly experienced husband and wife facilitators
  • A high proportion of private couple discussion time
  • LIFE ACCESS to alumni-only advice and marriage materials.

Pricing: $247 per couple (only $123.50 p.p. for a full day)

Sounding good? Then follow this easy, 3-step plan!

1. Tell your partner that when you marry them, you want it to be forever and this course will ensure that happens
3. Attend, and be married happily ever after!
2. Book one of our courses
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Out of all your wedding expenses, this is the ONLY amount you'll probably spend that directly and significantly increases your potential for a better than average marriage.

Every couple, including those with a great relationship when engaged, is at risk of divorce. That is how powerful our subconscious expectations are and how limited our toolsets usually are for resolving complex relationship issues. Invest one day now, and reduce your risk of divorce from around 50% to as little as 2% (based on 2005 research by R. Oglesby, Center for Youth & Family Ministry USA).

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