Customer Testimonials

Dee & Caroline
"The marriage course was a great experience. It was really great to find
out about the love language and what each other's key values were. It
was an Insight into areas of our lives we never knew about.

We learn't new skills that we have applied to our relationship and will benefit us.

We can definitely see how this will enrich our relationship in the
future. Amy and Josh where very welcoming and great teachers."
Jane & Sam
"I wanted to express how grateful we are for going on your wonderful marriage course.  It was like a breath of fresh air and we have learnt so much since then even in the short space of time.

The most useful thing we got out of the day was roleplaying with the problem solving model and we have been using it since.  When we need to work through something we just draw it out on the table and it makes it more objective."
Kalli & Mike
"The ‘No Myth Marriage’ Course was an invaluable investment in our
marriage. We enjoyed the important conversations in a safe place, and
feel that we’ve learned a new language that will help get us through when times are tough. 

We have taken on board the idea that marriage is an opportunity to make things even more awesome, as opposed to the usual
‘nothing will change too much’. 
We love that mindset.  We would highly recommend it. 

Thank you again!"
Daniel & Lana
"Amy & Josh invite strangers into their home to help & teach how
to be great partners & friends to make a successful marriage.

Very impressed and highly recommended. Thank you so much."
Teresa & Cory
"Thoroughly enjoyed the course. Enjoyed the discussion times - the music
to add privacy so that you could take risks and speak openly."
Christiaan & Rachel
"A pre marriage course is something every couple can benefit from. Doing it with Amy and Josh was amazing. We felt so confident afterwards and excited for our journey together.​"
Zhi & Violet
"Josh and Amy's course was a great catalyst for having some really open
conversations with one another.  We did the long beach walk exercise and learnt some pretty interesting things we never knew about each other!

Josh and Amy were genuinely caring and invited us around to their place
as a follow-up to the course. Amy also makes some pretty good healthy dessert.

Two thumbs up, highly recommended!​"